your yacht
with us

Transform the boat building process into an extraordinary
and unforgettable experience

At Karma Yachting, we know that participating in the construction of a yacht can be a complex but an extraordinary experience.

Our job is to make the process simple, from design to delivery of the boat. We listen to your expectations and advise you on the right solutions based on your hopes for the yacht. We also provide advice on the possible value of the yacht in the future. Our extensive network of designers and architects ensures that we can create the right team to build your dream yacht. As professionals, we act on your behalf during the entire process, keeping you informed and ensuring transparent communication. When the yacht is ready to set sail, we take responsibility for the various fulfillments and organize an appropriate service crew.

Bring your dream to life

The first step in building your yacht is to bring your vision to life. We begin by listening to your expectations and then providing expert advice on the best solutions based on your hopes for the yacht. Our job as advisors is also to provide guidance on the potential value of the yacht in the future. This initial stage is crucial in determining the yacht’s features and characteristics. It helps us identify which of our partners would be the best fit for your yacht’s construction project.

Let us create the team to make your yacht dream a reality

At Karma Yachting, we have a wealth of experience in working with the top designers and architects in the industry. We are driven by a focus on delivering the highest quality and value for your yacht, and this is reflected in our careful selection of specialists who are experts in luxury, naval innovation, development, and customization. Let us create the team that will bring your yacht dream to life.

From construction to sailing

At Karma Yachting, we take pride in acting as your trusted representatives throughout the entire process of building a custom yacht. We ensure that the terms of the contract are adhered to and provide regular updates on the progress of construction, maintaining open communication with you every step of the way. Our team closely monitors the daily progress of the project, making sure that the process is transparent and stress-free for you. Once the yacht is completed, we take care of all necessary arrangements and ensure that a professional service crew is in place, allowing you to set sail worry-free. With our comprehensive services, you can rest assured that every aspect of your yacht construction and sailing experience is in good hands.